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12 Months Of Liquid Heels! March – The Big Apple

About a year ago I discovered Liquid Heels while doing a little shopping on the internet. I was amazed by the concept of these unique shoe stickers and I can just remember me thinking: “Why didn’t I come up with something this cool?” With the Liquid Heels shoe stickers you can turn your high heels into a bold fashion statement! With just two stickers and a scalpel (*doctor voice*) you can easily pimp your heels in just five minutes. Really? Yes really!

As you can see, I’m a huge fan, so when I was asked to do a monthly article, I immediately said: “YES!” Starting today, you can check out my Liquid Heels inspired outfit posts right here!


So, for his month I’m showing you how I combined the awesome City Skylines New York shoe stickers from the Cities collection, which I actually consider to be one of my favourite collections so far!

The outfit I chose is romantic but with an edgy twist to it. Perfect for a night out with your boyfriend! Whether you’re grabbing a movie, taking a long walk or just having sushi at a fancy restaurant, this outfit would do just fine!

Enjoy dolls!

xoxo Deniece








So? What do you think? Comment down below!

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