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3D Eyelash Extensions By MWimperextensions

For a very long time I have wanted to try out eyelash extensions, but never really had the guts to actually make an appointment to do so. Having experienced a lot of crap and disappointment with cheap/fake versions of “eyelash extensions” in the past, I was quite nervous to give it a go. But you know what, a few weeks ago I thought: “Why the heck not?” So I grew a pair of balls, and decided to just do it.

Since Facebook has also become a platform for (online) shops and entrepeneurs to offer their services, I accidentally bumped into Mwimperextensions (M stands for the brand and “wimperextensions” means eyelash extensions in Dutch), one of the first one person companies to offer all different sorts of eyelash extensions. The owner of MWimperextensions, Melissa, is a certified beautician, who has managed to make her passion, a living. Although this blog post is all about eye lash extensions, it might be good to also know that Melissa offers many other beauty treatments for you to feel all Zen again.

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First things first. To consider getting eyelash extensions, you might want to know what your options are. You can either go for One By One Lashes (which – the names says it all – will be placed on your eyelashes one by one for a very natural look) or get 3 to 6 (!!!) Dimensional Lashes for stunning, vampy and dramatic eyes. Instead of using only one lash at a time, with 3D Lashes, three lashes  (instead of one) will be used to put on one single lash. The 3D Lashes will give you an instant va-va-voom look, without any extra effort. Waking up in the morning, has never been this glamorous, ladies.

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For both types of lashes, Melissa uses premium silk lashes which are very soft. The silk synthetic hair lashes create the most luscious and natural looking extensions you’ve ever seen. You can choose between different widths and lengths that surely will meet your expectations.

The glue that is used to attach the semi permanent lashes releases minimal damps and dries very quickly. This reduces the chance of watery eyes or a burning sensation during the treatment.

So, for this article I tried the 3D Lashes for extra volume. It wanted it to look stunning,  but it should also be appropriate for me to wear it to work. Curious to see the results? Here are some photos that were shot during and after the treatment.

Review MWimperextensions Eyelash Extension8

During the 3D Lashes treatment. Before and after.

Review MWimperextensions Eyelash Extension9

After the treatment. BAM! Curvy lashes!

In order to keep your eyes looking vivacious after the treatment, here are some tips to retain the sultry lashes you’ve been craving for:

  • After the treatment it is adviced to not wet the eyelash extensions for 24 hours.
  • For the first 48 hours it’s not allowed to steam, or wash your face with hot water. Swimming is also a no go.
  • Don’t use oil based make up remover. This may cause the eyelashes to let go earlier then planned.
  • It’s not advisable to use mascara or  eyelash curlers. Your eyelashes already look amazing. Don’t spoil the fun by using any of these products.
  • Visiting wellness resorts/spas or saunas is totally allowed, but make sure to not do this every day.
  • Use a lash comb to seperate the lashes every morning. Because let’s be honest, nobody sleeps like Sleeping Beauty. Don’t have a lash comb? Don’t worry, Melissa will give you a complimentary lash comb after your treatment (see photo below).

Review MWimperextensions Eyelash Extension5

So, depending on your own eyelash cycle, the lashes will naturally fall off one by one. To keep your eyelashes voluminous, there’s an option to refill your eyelash extensions at MWimperextensions. That takes me to the (for some) most important part of this article. Let’s talk money!

Here are the prices for new sets and refills.

New Set One By One € 40,-
Refill after 1 week € 7,50
Refill after 2 weeks € 20,-
Refill after 3 weeks € 30,-
Refill after 4 weeks € 40,-

New Set 3D € 50,-
Refill after 1 week € 12,50
Refill after 2 weeks € 25,-
Refill after 3 weeks € 35,-
Refill after 4 weeks € 45,-

Review MWimperextensions Eyelash Extension11

Convinced yet? If so, you can plan your appointment by contacting Melissa at Facebook or sending an email to if you have any questions concerning the treatment.

Make sure to also like the MWimperextensions Facebook Page. When the page has reached 500 likes, two winners will be randomly picked to claim a free eyelash/eyebrow extensions treatment.

An eyelash treatment takes about 1,5 to 2 hours. Mwimperextensions is based in Leidschenveen (The Netherlands).

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