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5 Days Of Giveaways! Day 2: CitiZ Travel Mug by Nespresso


Yay! Day 2 of the 5 Days Of Giveaways is here! Today I’ll be serving you some Nespresso realness! Did I get you George Clooney? No. Matt Damon? No. I am giving away a CitiZ Travel Mug by Nespresso!

Being a Nespresso ambassador for a few years now, I couldn’t resist giving away something from a brand that is close to my heart. I mean, where would I be without my Latte Machiattos every morning? Exactly, still in my bed.

nespresso citiz machines

In the USA, the Nespresso Travel Mug has already been a much wanted product for a few years now, but now we can enjoy our cups of coffee on our way to the office too! The Netherlands has finally introduced the shiny metallic travel mug into the famous Les Collections assortment. Did I scream out loud when I heard the scoop? Yes I did, and here’s why: I absolutely love to spice up my outfits with cool accessories and I’m pretty sure that a Nespresso Travel Mug looks so much more exclusive than having my name misspelled on a Starbucks paper cup.

nespresso citiz travel mug lungos

The Nespresso Travel Mug will keep your coffee hot due to the double wall and the stainless steel material. Bring your favorite recipes (hot or cold), espressos or lungos with you in style!

Want to experience the feeling of sipping your Vollutos like George Clooney too? Scroll down to enter the giveaway!

How to enter:

This giveaway is an international giveaway and ends tonight at 00.00 AM CET time. The winner will be announced on our Facebook page.

No enquiry can be made with regard to the results.

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