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Jealousy! Pure envy while we gag on Jessica Simpson‘s stunning post baby body! How is it even possible to look like that after having two babies? Here’s the answer: Weight Watchers. While we were stuffing our faces, Jessica was working out like a maniac and the results are absolutely gorgeous! Goodbye winter, because Jessica Simpsons‘s ad campaign for her newest collection screams: Hello summer! In a white strapless bikini Jessica flaunts her beautiful curves and silences all the people who ever dared to make weight jokes about the singer. TheRead More
You’ve probably set your alarm for Shakira and Rihanna‘s new video clip to air. And, uhm yeah, so did we! This particular collaboration between two of the hottest popstars of this moment is one we’ve been waiting for, for a long long time! After seeing the teaser for Can’t Remember To Forget You last week, we just couldn’t wait for the video to premier! Although it may remind you of Shakira and Beyonce‘s video a couple of years ago, the visuals are quite hot and sexy! We won’t be stallingRead More

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Lindsay Lohan Loses $75,000 Fur Coat

Wait what? Somebody call PETA please, cause Lindsay is losing it! Literally. La Lohan claims that her fur coat worth of $ 75,000 dollar (!!!) went missing after a night of clubbing in New York. Lindsay stepped out of night club 1Oak with only one half of her extremely expensive fur coat. The other half was missing and nowhere to be found when she went back looking for it. Although she called almost everyone that was sitting at the same table that night, she only couldn’t get a hold ofRead More
Wouldn’t we all just love to have a sister like Khloé? I mean, come on. We’d be laughing our asses off all day long! While big sis Kourtney was partially numb after visiting the dentist, Khloé decided to film her and posted it on Keek. Looks like Khloé‘s her funny little self again! Curious to see this hilarious vid? Scroll on, honey! Khloé also went on to Twitter saying: “I have never laughed so hard.” Here it goes!Read More

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Desire by Dolce & Gabbana

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again , perfume is the perfect accessory to complete your outfit! Especially when we’re talking about a perfume like this: Desire by Dolce & Gabbana. Are you looking for a nice perfume that will make you glow on a warm summer evening? Then you should read on quickly. The packaging looks luxurious. The exterior has a glossy black color and the inside is provided with a gold-colored coating. The bottle of the perfume has exactly the same appearance. Black with golden accents.Read More

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10 Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names

Some celebrities really do anything to stay in the spotlights! That’s the conclusion we came to while discussing celebrity baby names that are out of this world. Are you ready to get shocked? Check out What The Vogue‘s top 10 of the craziest celebrity baby names! 10. Toni Braxton – Denim 9. Rob Morrow – Tu Morrow 8. Ving Rhames & Deborah Reed – Reign Beau 7. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West – North West 6. Frank Zappa – Moon Unit 5. Jonathan Davis – Pirate 4. Jermaine Jackson – Jermajesty 3. ArthurRead More

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Beyoncé Gets Naked For Flaunt Magazine

OMG! Stop the presses! The queen of curves is finally showing off her phenomenal body! Beyoncé must have thought: This time, we’re going all out! Covered in nothing more than glitters, the superstar graces the cover of Flaunt Magazine. Every now and then you would see a glimpse of Mrs. Carter and her offspring, but Beyonce has kept her life pretty much private untill now. Lucky us! Because we’re about to show you some good good! Although the photos were shot much earlier (2011), the pictures got published just now by FlauntRead More

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Is That A Cock Or Your Legs by Bas Kosters

Designer and DJ Bas Kosters is a vogueing genius when it comes to exclusive clothing designs with a distinctive style! You either love it or you don’t. And I love it! The contemporary and unique designs that Bas Kosters creates sometimes causes the necessary jaw dropping moments, but are hugely popular with national and international fans who love censorship-free fashion! This week we came across this funky fashion item with hundreds of cocks in all shapes and sizes printed on leggings and disco pants. Bas Kosters’ controversial penis print leggings,Read More

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Wedding Dresses 2.0

Do you guys ever watch Say Yes To The Dress? Because I do every single day. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit now, but it’s just such a fun girly show to watch! Bridesmaides drama, budget problems, you name it, they got it. One thing’s for sure: When you’re getting married, nothing is more important than your wedding dress. Oh, and the person you’re getting married to obviously. Whether you like simple traditional wedding gowns or maybe the total opposite, a wedding dress has to be unique andRead More