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Editor’s Choice: My Birthday Wish List

I can’t believe that next year I’ll be celebrating my dirty thirties. Ugh, thirty. They say thirty is the new twenty, you know. Luckily for me, I get one more year to get used to that fact. With my birthday coming up next month (April 7th to be exact), I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the things that I have put on top of my birthday wish list.

So what do you ask for when you’re turning twenty-nine? Lately I’ve really been into everything rose gold. Anything that slightly looks like my new iPhone 6s is considered a winner for me nowadays. Pink has also been somewhat of an obsession for me lately. Spoiler alert: You can tell from my wish list :).

So, any other twenty-niners reading along now? Did you  survive? And what are your tips for turning twenty nine every year from now on? Share your recommendations with me down below! I will be forever grateful.

Lol. Hope you enjoy this Editor’s Choice!

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Editor's Choice - Birthday Wish List

Flirting Iphone Case – Chiara Ferragni Collection
Superstar Up Metal Toe Sneakers – Adidas
Sunglasses – Quay Australia
Spotlight Pink Nailpolish – OPI
Illuminated iPhone Cover – Lumee
Sandalettes – H&M
Daydream Smart Ring – Ringly

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