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Editor’s Choice: Legends Of The Fall

Fall is my favorite season of all time. Of all time! Fashion wise, it’s such a wonderfall (get it?) time to truly express, explore and show off your personal style. Trenchcoats, thigh highs, fedora hats and leather gloves. These are just a few of the ingredients to survive a fashionable fall.

Take out your overknee socks, pair them up with your longest knitted sweater, head over to Starbucks and enjoy your Pumpkin Spice Latte while posting selfies on Instagram! But first, check out my fashion musthaves for this season!

Oh and about the title of this article. I just like using anything that involves Brad Pitt, that’s (f)all. Allright, enough with these fall jokes.

Shopping links follow below dolls!

Editor's Choice - Legends Of The Fall - WhatTheVogue

Camel Coat – River Island
Black Opium – YSL
Clutch – Ebay
Dress – Mexx
Boots – Milanoo
Sunglasses – John Lennon Sunglasses

What is your fave fall item? Comment down below!

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3 Responses

  1. I love this article and all the puns. 🙂

  2. Hi Deniece, leuk artikel en goede picks! 🙂 Mag ik je blog doorposten in de Facebookcommunity I heart blogs and online magazines? Mail me even via de pagina als dat okay is. Thanks & greetz, Karen

  3. Great post! Love your writing style and sence for humor! 🙂
    Turtleneck dresses are one of my fallvorites too! 😉
    xx, Marky

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