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Expected: The Clueless Witch Collection by Lime Crime

I’ve never been more into witchcraft than I am right now! Wait, let me rephrase that. I’ve never been more excited to hear of a witch inspired make up collection than I am now! Of course, last year Urban Decay dedicated  two eye shadow palettes to the Wizard of Oz witches Theodora and Glinda, but that is nothing compared to the awesomeness that Lime Crime is bringing to their new collection: The Clueless Witch.

Cosmetics brand Lime Crime is known for its bubbly personality. When I think of Lime Crime, I see unicorns pooping out rainbows while skittles randomly fall out of the sky. It should come as no surprise that I am a huge fan of their products. With lipstick colors you can’t even imagine existing, Lime Crime stands out of the crowd!

lime crime the clueless witch collection bitch craft

This year Doe Deere (founder of Lime Crime) surpassed herself by creating not one, not two, but three (!!!) new Velvetines! Lime Crime’s Velvetines are not only very highly pigmented, they also guarantee to last all day.

The new colors Black Velvet, Salem and Wicked will be launched March 19th!

lime crime the clueless witch collection

Want to stay updated on the launch? Visit the Lime Crime website here, or follow their extremely colorful Instagram account here!

Which color of The Clueless Witch collection do you like most? Comment down below!

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