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GIVEAWAY: Win Bruno Banani Fragrance Lab Trio!

Have you ever fallen in love with a scent? Can you remember the fragrance of your first girlfriend or boyfriend? Very often unique scents work like a timemachine, bringing you back to sweet memories you want to hold on to forever. For those of you who can relate to the things we just summed up, this giveaway in collaboration with Bruno Banani might just draw your attention!

Bruno Banani Fragrance Lab - Easy Banani - 2

Fragrance Lab by Bruno Banani

Men, pay attention! Ladies, take notes! Bruno Banani is finally revealing the way they have been creating their bold fragrances for men. Have you always wondered how the perfume bottles got their shape? Did you lose hours of sleep contemplating on what notes they hid in the perfumes? Here’s your chance to find out just what they have been keeping a secret for you all these years! In the video below you will get an exclusive peek behind the scenes in Bruno Banani’s Fragrance Lab. Caution! Before you enter: Don’t take it too seriously.

To celebrate the revival of Bruno Banani’s fragrances, we are excited to announce that we are not giving away one, not two, but three (!!!) perfumes to one of you lucky readers! Here’s what’s in it for you:

charming, exotic, tempting

sporty, energetic, refreshing

irresistible, mysterious, sensual

Are you just as excited as us? Great! Scroll down for the instructions on how to enter! Both men and women are welcome to enter this giveaway!

Bruno Banani Fragrance Lab 2 - WhatTheVogue


How to enter:

Good luck everyone!

This giveaway will end when our Instagram account hits 1000 likes! The lucky winner will be announced on our Instagram.

No enquiries can be made regarding the results.

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  1. Nice promotion. Hope you quickly reach the thousand likes. ?

  2. I’m entering and if I win, I will make my sons very happy with a nice new scent! 🙂 My username is: @F4ZU

  3. Dope! @benzninetyfour

  4. Nice contest could use somy new perfume @djspitfire_

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