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Pucker Up With Glitter Lips in Ruby Slippers

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s needless to say that kissable lips might be the key to a magical date. You probably already have your LBD set and your 6 inch heels ready to strut the streets. To finish off your look, you need to dazzle him. Blind him with your beauty. Or, with glitter for that matter, because why the Vogue not? In the land of cosmetics, Beauty Boulevard is the market leader in producing premium cosmetic glitters for several beauty products. In this case we’re testing one of their lip products, which at first sight – to us – looks pretty close to perfection. Let us introduce to you: Glitter Lips. A revolutionary formula that promises to hold up to eight hours! Or in other words: your entire date.

Glitter Lips

In the past two years, cosmetics company Beauty Boulevard went ahead and created a range of 17 (!!!) revolutionary Glitter Lips to match your every mood. Feeling funky? Go with ‘Disco Kiss Go‘. Are you having somewhat more of a nostalgic feel? Then make sure to throw ‘Vintage Pretty‘ into your shopping basket.

The Glitter Lips set contains a lipgloss bond, a jar with premium cosmetic glitters and an applicator to apply the glitters. With approximately 25 applications per box and the guarantee of a waterproof and smudge proof product, the product actually seems worth the try.

Ruby Slippers: Tantalising Red

For Valentine’s Day we decided to try Ruby Slippers, a vampy red lippie ready to snatch the wig straight off of your ex’s new girlfriend’s scalp just by the sight of it. Just kidding, we’re not that petty. But, since red is the color of romance, it’s perfect for date night, a night on the town with your girls, or just for casually walking your dog. Feel free to pick the occassion.

Here’s a quick how to:

♣ Apply a liquid lipstick in a color corresponding to the Glitter Lips you’ve selected
♣ Gently apply the lipgloss bond and wait for it to become transparent
♣ Apply the glitters one lip at a time
♣ Remove any excess glitter
♣ Voila, [Femme Fatale mode] is now activated!

The verdict

Visually it looks breathtaking, we can’t deny it! Is this a showstopper? YES! A jaw-dropper? DEFINITELY!

However, we do have some notes of criticism. For instance; the smell of the lipgloss bond, smells awfully similar to eyelash glue. It almost felt as if it wasn’t meant to be put on the lips, but since we’re highly convinced that the product meets the Cosmetic Safety Assessments criteria, we’re just gonna let that slide. Also, at first we tried out the glitters on bare lips as advised. To achieve the look in the video, we recommend using a liquid lipstick corresponding to the color of the glitters prior to applying it to conceal the parts where the glitter doesn’t fully attach. Just for that WOW effect! And last but not least, make sure to keep your jar with glitters on a piece of paper or a napkin when applying it, because it can get a bit messy since the jar is pretty small and filled to the brim.

Other than that, we’re pretty STOKED on these AH-MA-ZING glitter lippies!

The price of a set is €18,95 in The Netherlands (shop here) or £12,50 for non Dutch residents (shop here).

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