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Lady Danger Lipstick by M.A.C. Cosmetics

Obviously you’ve noticed that I am an enormous M.A.C. Cosmetics fan! And apparently you guys are too! The amount of people who entered the M.A.C. Cosmetics giveaway this week was bananas! During the 5 Days of Giveaways I gave away one of my favorite lipsticks by M.A.C. called Pink Nouveau. Since this particular giveaway was not sponsored, I personally headed over to the shop to purchase the lipstick. Since I can’t really seem to control my shopping habits when visiting a cosmetics shop, I just had to take a new lipstick home with me. There’s no such thing as owning too much make up, dolls. Trust me.

I came, I saw, and I did a little swatching. After pretty much coloring my entire hand, I ended up buying the Lady Danger lipstick! Curious to read my opinion? Here’s my review!

Review MAC Cosmetics Lady Danger4

M.A.C. sells many different types of lipsticks, from creamy to ultra matte. I’m definitely a matte lipstick type of woman.

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Review MAC Cosmetics Lady Danger9

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Lady Danger is a coral red shade. Definitely a beautiful and sexy color for vampy lips! Because of the slightly orange tones, it really stands out from any standard red lipstick!

Review MAC Cosmetics Lady Danger10

Lady Danger is highly pigmented and when the light hits it you can notice a very subtle shiny effect to it.

Review MAC Cosmetics Lady Danger7

So, this is what it looks like on my lips. I’m in love with the result! Although I always have great expectations when it comes to M.A.C., I didn’t expect the color to be this fabulous.

I didn’t use any lip pencils, so I could fully test the quality of the lipstick and luckily I can say that Lady Danger absolutely passed the test. It did not smudge for a bit. The lipstick is not kiss proof, so it will transfer when eating or drinking. Despite the fact that it transfers and even after wearing it for a full day, the color looks just as vibrant as when you’ve just applied it. So no need to check your lips every other five minutes, which is vogueing awesome.

Review MAC Cosmetics Lady Danger6

To answer the question if I’m satisfied about Lady Danger, the answer is: YES! The color looks phenomenal and the matte lipstick doesn’t dehydrate your lips at all. No other accessories but your smile are needed when wearing this gorgeous lipstick by M.A.C. Cosmetics!

The Lady Danger lipstick costs about 18 euros, but it’s absolutely worth the price. To shop, visit one of the M.A.C. stores near you or order yours online now, by clicking here.

What do you think dolls? Like or no?

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