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Ladies and gents take notes, because Black Bananas is bringing their famous Transformer-esque monkey back into the new Spring/Summer ’14 collection! Black Bananas is one of the hottest urban brands on the planet, worn by fashionable and confident young men and women. After succesfully launching their first Autumn/Winter collection last year, they are now ready for round 2! And so are WE! The new season’s collection is refreshing but still pays homage to former designs, and I’m actually really glad about that, because the Transformer Monkey; it just works. Whether you likeRead More
Jealousy! Pure envy while we gag on Jessica Simpson‘s stunning post baby body! How is it even possible to look like that after having two babies? Here’s the answer: Weight Watchers. While we were stuffing our faces, Jessica was working out like a maniac and the results are absolutely gorgeous! Goodbye winter, because Jessica Simpsons‘s ad campaign for her newest collection screams: Hello summer! In a white strapless bikini Jessica flaunts her beautiful curves and silences all the people who ever dared to make weight jokes about the singer. TheRead More