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Kermit The Frog has been killing me lately, you guys. With an all new meme that spreaded all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the creators behind this funny meme, have been cracking me up with these #NoneOfMyBusiness quotes. Although the texts are quite ratchet, and maybe sometimes a little bit too harsh, these are actually the things that put a smile on my face when I’m scrolling through my timelines. For today’s lunch, I figured that some of you are probably stuck behind your desks, waiting for weekend to happen. So I wentRead More
After Kim Kardashian being all over the news this week for her Vogue cover, ex boyfriend Ray J decided to rain on her parade by leaking his second sex tape on the internet, in which she – this time – was not featured! Although Kim was the only one making benefits out of that one amaturistic video, Ray J maybe thought that this time he too would become a world wide celeb. Of course, Ray J making a new sex tape is all jokes! But, he did participate on making a spoof in promotionRead More
Wouldn’t we all just love to have a sister like Khloé? I mean, come on. We’d be laughing our asses off all day long! While big sis Kourtney was partially numb after visiting the dentist, Khloé decided to film her and posted it on Keek. Looks like Khloé‘s her funny little self again! Curious to see this hilarious vid? Scroll on, honey! Khloé also went on to Twitter saying: “I have never laughed so hard.” Here it goes!Read More