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Posted On October 24, 2015By DenieceIn Music

Video: Adele – Hello

Being out of the running for almost three years, Adele proves that she is still the best singer on earth when it comes to fragile and touching music. She did so by surprisingly releasing an all new video called Hello during the commercial break of UK’s X Factor. Hello is one of Adele’s new singles and first music video to appear on her third and upcoming album 25 which is set to release November 20th. Wondering what we’ve been missing musically for the past years? Check out Adele’s Hello down below.Read More
Following to last week’s performance at the MTV VMAs, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande (finally) released their music video for ‘Bang Bang’! Banging their way into your room, the pop divas have really made it clear who really run this world. GIRLS! ‘Bang Bang’ is the lead single from Jessie J’s upcoming album Sweet Talker and also appears on the deluxe version of Ariana Grande’s album My Everything (which was released just today). Have a look at the ultimate power woman video clip of the year, shot in the streets of New York.Read More

Posted On June 25, 2014By DenieceIn Music

Video: Robin Thicke – Get Her Back

Ironically, Robin Thicke left himself hanging with blurred lines, this February when him and wife Paula Patton broke up after alledgedly cheating on the actress . In a serious quest to get his wife of almost nine years back, Robin Thicke is trying everything in his power to get Paula back. So he wrote a song about it, I mean, an entire  album. Since the two have parted, Thicke has made several public declarations of love to win his wife back. In his new video clip for the single “Get Her Back“, the singerRead More

Posted On April 23, 2014By DenieceIn Music

Video: Pharrell Williams – Marilyn Monroe

Last week we all experienced the cuteness that’s called Pharrell. During his interview with Oprah on OWN Network, the singer wasn’t afraid of sharing his emotions when seeing all of his fans singing and dancing to his hit song Happy. Today, Pharrell is releasing the new video for Marilyn Monroe sporting his signature hat while (surprisingly) riding a BMX. Ladies, dream away with Mr. Williams, while he’s just dreaming of a “different girl”. Here’s the official video clip for Marilyn Monroe! Good luck on spotting Pharrell’s special co star atRead More
Jennifer Lopez is turning the tables on all of the male artists who show ‘near-to-naked’ women in their music videos! In the first single release of her 10th album, she’s making people sit up and pay attention to her video, by flaunting lots of man candy! At the beginning of the video, you hear J.Lo and two girlfriends talking to a guy from the record company, while they are discussing different ideas for the video. You see them shooting down this guy’s ideas one after the other, and you get toRead More

Posted On March 4, 2014By DenieceIn Music

Video: Katy Perry ft. Juicy J – Dark Horse

Roar singer Katy Perry has been hitting it up with Juicy J for her new single Dark Horse and I am loving it! The song is so vogueing catchy that it’s on repeat in my mind all the time. Dressed as Cleopatra, Katy is living it up in her own fairy tale version of Egypt. Prepare for an explosion of colorful mummies, pharaos and ofcourse the Killer Queen herself. Here’s Katy Perry – Dark Horse.Read More

Posted On March 2, 2014By DenieceIn Music

Jennifer Lopez – Same Girl

Jennifer Lopez is taking it back to the Bronx! I guess you can take the girl out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the girl. The latin singer proves she’s still same old Jenny from the block in her new video clip “Same Girl“. “Why you tryna put the world up on my shoulder?” she sings, as she hops on and off the sub in New York. While being ghetto fabulous she’s flaunting her curves in fitted jeans. Maybe a video clip you wouldn’t expectRead More

Posted On February 12, 2014By DenieceIn Music

Video: Ashanti ft. Rick Ross – I Got It

What The Vogue?! Ashanti’s back? Whoever thought she wouldn’t make a come back after starring in all those b-movies is WRONG! Ricky Rozay probably made her do it, since he’s featured on their new song called “I Got It“. Ashanti, who is sporting her freshly new cut bangs in her new video clip, is releasing her new album “Braveheart” next month on the 4th of March. “I Got It” is the first song to release of this album. Hyping us up on iTunes you can already listen to snippets of collaborationsRead More