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When Fashion Meets Technology: Axent Wear presents Cat Ear Headphones

Attention to all of you ‘crazy cat ladies’ out there! You really need to see this! For those of you really wanting to express your love for your pet animal, Axent Wear designed the most bad ass music accessory we have ever layed eyes on! Together with manufacturer Brookstone, Axent Wear created the Cat Ear Headphones, a true fashion statement on its own. Who needs winged cat eyes anyway? These headphones right here, are here to stay!

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones Brookstone 1 - WhatTheVogue

The coolest thing about these futuristic Cat Ear Headphones is their shape and the bright LED lights which you can control independently to suit your mood or your wardrobe. With these headphones you’re not AT the party, you ARE the party!

About the Cat Ear Headphones:
♫ Enjoy your music privately or turn on the cat ear speakers to share with friends
♫ Speakers and LED lights are controlled independently
♫ Over-the-ear cushioning for noise reduction and a secure fit
♫ USB rechargeable (up to 5 hours of playing time per charge)
♫ Detachable gaming boom mic
♫ Comes with protective carry case
♫ Colors: Blue, green, purple and red
♫ Costs: $ 149.99

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones Brookstone - WhatTheVogue 2

And? Convinced that you need these in your life? You can order the Cat Ear Headphones at Brookstone, by clicking here.

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  1. Dit is wel ERG leuk! Ben ik ergens toch een crazy cat lady 😂

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