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Vera Wang Showcases Bridal Spring ’15 Collection in Haute Couture Fashion Video

Fashion videos are the new black. Or should I say white? Fashion designer Vera Wang, known for her fairy tale wedding gowns – which I would honestly die for – is showcasing her Bridal Spring ’15 Collection in a very modern kind of way for the very first time.

With social media being such a powerful medium, Vera Wang wanted to share her art with as many people as possible and guess what: she made a very smart decision by debuting her new collection in an haute couture fashion video.

Wang’s wedding dresses are amazingly popular in the U.S.A. and worn by many celebrities, but now it’s just one click away from us little minions.

vera wang bridal 15 wedding dresses and gowns

vera wang bridal 15 wedding dresses gowns

Below you will find the video for next year’s bridal spring collection. Discover Wang’s magical world of satin, lace and organza right here!

Did you spot any dress that you would like to wear at your wedding? Stupid question. Describe your favorite wedding dress by commenting down below!

Photo credit: Vera Wang

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