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Video Report: Amsterdam Fashion Week – Vibrant Pakistan SS ’15

Hi you guys! Yesterday my first day as Vita Coco fashion reporter started! After I checked in to get my all access pas, I went to the press center where all the journalists, photographers and other press stay in between the shows. After a short while of enjoying my new discovered favorite Vanilla Coconut Propercorn, the first show was about to start in Vodafone’s Firsts Fashion Lab.

Designer Mevan Kaluarachchi kicked off the day with a very nice wearable menswear collection. It had a really young and refreshing feel to it. Lots of blue and brown colors and leather accessories for a little bit of edgyness. After the show I went backstage to see if I could get a little sneak peek of the next show by Spijkers & Spijkers. Unfortunately press wasn’t allowed to film at that show, but I spotted the designer sisters having a little talk right before the models where about to hit the runway.

I did get to have a look backstage at the Vibrant Pakistan show! It was really hectic with all the models running around and getting their make up done while photographers were trying to get their best shots. A video crew was interviewing one of the three designers that were going to show their Summer/Spring Collection.

I won’t reveal too much, so you can judge the collection for yourself in my video report, but I will say that the name ‘Vibrant‘ was an understatement! The collection of Rang Ja had such beautiful colors, amazing prints versus glitter and was so sparkly for next summer, while Bareeze Man was more timid, and really made for the western looking (and cricket loving) Pakistani men. What made the fashion show extra special, is that two of the models who were walking the ramp are crowned Miss India Holland 2010 (Shareena Dwarka) and Miss India Holland 2014 / Miss Indian Princess 2014 (Nadine Makhanlal).

I hope you enjoyed watching my video! Which celebs did you spot?

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  1. I love what you did with the video report of last night’s Vibrant Pakistan fashion show. It honestly felt as though I was there with you. You managed to capture the event very well and it was done with great style too! I absolutely love it! Awesomeness! You’re a natural born fashion reporter! 🙂

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