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Video: Robin Thicke – Get Her Back

Ironically, Robin Thicke left himself hanging with blurred lines, this February when him and wife Paula Patton broke up after alledgedly cheating on the actress . In a serious quest to get his wife of almost nine years back, Robin Thicke is trying everything in his power to get Paula back. So he wrote a song about it, I mean, an entire  album.

Robin Thicke Paula Patton Break Up Split Video Get Her Back

Since the two have parted, Thicke has made several public declarations of love to win his wife back. In his new video clip for the single “Get Her Back“, the singer is letting us in on private text messages sent between the two, while a Paula look-a-like appears on the screen.

Curious to see Robin Thicke practically begging Paula to stay? Here’s the official video clip for “Get Her Back“.

The album “Paula” is set to release July 1st, featuring songs like: “Too Little Too Late” and “Forever Love“.

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