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Zero Proof Summer Cocktails with Teisseire

Last week we received an invitation from Teisseire to have a little taste of summer during a cocktail party at Hutspot in Amsterdam. And who says no to cocktails? Exactly, no one! For the occasion, master cocktail shaker Boris Chlebec flew in from London to unveil a few of his very own creations of Zero Proof cocktails! He promised us zero alcohol with lots of flair!

Are you familiar with stepping into a bar and wanting something fancy without any alcohol? Nine times out of ten you’ll end up disappointed because of the poor selection of non alcoholic drinks. Booooring. Yaaawn. Until Teisseire.

Teisseire Zero Proof Non Alcoholic Cocktail - 7

Teisseire, the new kid in town

If you’ve been living in France, then you’re already acquainted with Teisseire. If not – for most of us Dutchies – this might be your first introduction to the brand. For over threehundred years Teisseire has been producing multiple varieties of syrups of unheard quality. Raspberry, pink grapefruit, strawberry and lime, these are just a few of the tastes their assortment offers. Anything that sounds exotic, Teissere has captured in a bottle, either with or without sugar (and NO aspartame, yay!). And as of now they are ready to take The Netherlands by storm!

Teisseire Zero Proof Non Alcoholic Cocktail - Boris Chlebec - 11

Stirred, not shaken

During the press event we got the chance to create one of Boris’ Zero Proof cocktails. Right after that we were challenged to create our very own!

Today we are sharing three recipes with you that we found were very easy to make. By all means, if you want to show off with your shaking skills, please do (a link with more recipes will follow down below)! But for the majority of us, we kept it simple, yet effective.

So! If you want to impress your guests this summer, make sure to serve one of the following cocktails at the next BBQ party! Hand downs, you will steal the show!

Teisseire Zero Proof Non Alcoholic Cocktail - 1

King’s Cup

❥ 35 ml Raspberry & Pink Grapefruit syrup
❥ 50 ml cranberry juice
❥ 125 ml sparkling water
❥ 2 slices of orange
❥ 3 lime wedges
❥ 3 slices of lemon
❥ 6 mint leafs
❥ ice cubes

How to:
Mix the syrup and the cranberry juice in a tall glass. Add the fruit and the mint leafs. Fill the glass with ice cubes and finish it with sparkling water. Stirr all the ingredients very well to blend the flavors. Serve with a straw.

Teisseire Zero Proof Non Alcoholic Cocktail - 4


❥ 25 ml Lime & Mint syrup
❥ 50 ml apple juice
❥ 75 ml soda water
❥ lime juice
❥ ice cubes

How to:
Fill the glass with ice cubes and squeeze the juice from a wedge of lime. Add the other ingredients. Stirr well to mix everything. Garnish it with a wedge of lime or add strawberries for a pop of color.

Teisseire Zero Proof Non Alcoholic Cocktail - 2

Berry Hot (What The Vogue Exclusive)

❥ 35 ml Raspberry & Pink Grapefruit syrup
❥ 150 ml soda water
❥ 3 slices of chili pepper
❥ crushed ice

How to:
Fill the glass with crushed ice. Mix the syrup together with the soda water. Add the chili pepper. Decorate the glass with blackberries and raspberries. Voilá!

If you’re looking for recipes with a higher difficulty level, here follows a link to tons of inspiration.

If you are ready to create your own summer cocktails after reading this article: Teisseire is currently being sold at supermarkets such as Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus and Coop. Costs are €2,99 per bottle (750 ml).

Teisseire Zero Proof Non Alcoholic Cocktail - 9

We truly enjoyed making these refreshing Zero Proof cocktails for you!

Only thing left to say is: ‘Santé’!

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